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Want Answers
to Your
Town Planning

If you are asking what can I do with this property? or What will Council approve? – We can help!

At Urban Planners Queensland we are combatting the unknowns for our clients by providing a quick, professional town planning compliance advice so that you can make educated decisions about a site’s potential and create your project strategy.


Common Questions we can answer:

  • Will this project require a DA?
  • Can you confirm a Code Assessable / Impact Assessable DA is required?
  • Can I subdivide my land?
  • Does this application require a DA?
  • Can you confirm a Code Assessable / Impact Assessable DA is required?
  • Wanting preliminary advice on a proposal plan design
  • What is the quickest and easiest path to get approval for the development option I would like to achieve?
  • Are there any planning law loopholes that might simplify the approval process?
  • What are my chances of development approval?
  • What development opportunities are there for my site?
  • How hard will it be to get development approval?

Our IDA service is perfect
for those:

  • Looking to buy a development site
  • Have a specific town planning query
  • Have plans you want reviewed
  • Want to know what can be done with your property.


Make well-informed choices prior to a full development application and save money and time. Profitable projects utilise our IDA service to smooth their path to development approval to remove the anticipated issues and to identify opportunities you may not have even been aware

Every project at Urban Planners Queensland
is assigned a team of skilled professionals:

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This will be your primary contact.


This is the ‘town planner’ who makes sure your project is negotiated through Council.


These are our planning nerds who solely work with the legislation and making sure all paperwork meets government standards.

So I actually should get a great service at Urban Planners Queensland, you will care about my project and have processes in place to give my project the best chance of a smooth approval?


Why Work with Urban Planners Queensland?

Our client’s say we are the best (see our reviews) but that really isn’t quantifiable.
What we can tell you is that we are the only consultancy dedicated to small > medium scale projects Queensland wide.
It has been our founder and managing director’s passion since 2014 to give smaller property projects the attention and respect they deserve.
Whilst variety is the spice of life, it can also be the killer of a good service – we niched.
Ok, so you only work with smaller property projects. What else?
UP. has been bringing some big changes to private town planning!
We did some research in 2021 wanting to innovate and significantly improve the private town planning service traditionally offered.
It didn’t make sense that client’s engage a company and are assigned a sole town planner, or maybe a student….
This town planner takes on the role of Project Co-ordinator, Project Strategist and the Project’s Development Compliance Specialist. It is slow and fraught with jack-of-all-trades but master of none issues.

I have to pay for any
advice I request

The best things in development assessment are not free.

We charge for our Initial Development Advice for several reasons:

  • We value our expertise.
  • We don’t want to raise our prices to cover free advice.
  • We love our paying clients and free advice for non-clients is not a good look.
  • We want to be able to give the time and consideration required to give you the best advice and/or options available.

Could I call Council for free advice?

Absolutely, we won’t stop you and if free is important to you, it is your only option.

Beware though, we have heard some interesting stories come out of free planning advice but if you were born a daredevil we can’t change you.

Why use our initial
development advice service?

  1. Don’t waste time and dollars on a project that isn’t right for you
  2. Avoid making decisions based on unqualified advice
I don’t want to focus on the negatives here but over the years quality town planning advice has become rarer and rarer as the expectation of quick and free initial advice became rampant in the industry. We have seen people make development decisions on million dollar plus projects for $0 upfront… the problem is, this advice when free can be provided by:

Mistakes happen and we see people time and time again frustrated by town planning and the difficulties they faced.
On the flip side, when you obtain considered specialist advice through our IDA [Initial Development Advice] service you can rest assured that you can make an educated decision to move your project forward and not a guess based on rushed/unqualified advice.

Layer 4

We have been working hard to make sure we provide VALUE through establishing relationships with our developers and property professional clients. Not only does our IDA service help you understand your property goals from a town planner’s opinion it also gives you an opportunity to see the value and service Urban Planners Queensland can deliver prior to committing to a full development application with us.

Whilst we have helped thousands of people understand development opportunities and obtained development approvals throughout Queensland, we know the development assessment process can be a steep learning curve for those new and old to the planning systems in Queensland. Much like any other service, we 100% believe an entry level offering can reduce your risk and ours. We like to date before we marry

What do I need prior to contacting you for Initial Development Advice?

The more information you can give us, the more technical advice we can give you. Maybe you only have an idea at this stage or maybe you have a full set of plans. We offer 3 types of initial development advice to ensure you can get the best town planning advice at the stage you are at.