Built to Boundary Walls on Small Lots

Here we will discuss and dissect the built to boundary wall provisions of the dwelling house small lot code of version 23 Brisbane City Plan 2014 section 9.3.8. There are 3 keys acceptable outcomes (AOs) within the code which must be addressed when assessing a built to boundary wall in Brisbane. These are AO6, AO9.1 […]

Council doesn’t care about your property’s value

This is why your house value isn’t considered during the development assessment process.   As a private town planning firm, we receive information and opinions from our clients, their consultants, Council officers, their specialists, neighbours and the wider community. We don’t discount anyone’s opinions or ideas until we have explored them but there is a […]

Before you contact a town planner read this

What can a private town planner do for you and your project?   As private town planning consultants we can assist with: Identifying development opportunities Development applications (to obtain town planning approval) Minor and Other Changes to existing approvals Pre-lodgement meetings   What can’t we do: Make decisions on Local or State Government behalf Provide […]

Health Care Services and Development Approval

What is a Health care service?   “Health care service means the use of premises for medical purposes, paramedical purposes, alternative health therapies or general health care, if overnight accommodation is not provided on the premises”   Dental clinics, medical centres and physiotherapy clinics all fall under the use of Health care service. This use […]

Brisbane Carports and Garages

In some cases a new carport or garage in Brisbane will require a development application (town planning application) to be submitted to your local Council.  Below we have created a few simple steps to identify if your carport or garage will trigger an application requirement.    Step 1: Determine if you have a carport or […]

Demolish your Pre-war Character House?

If you go to a town planner with any pre-war dwelling house in the Traditional Building Character Overlay and ask if it can be demolished the answer is going to be a strong no 98% of the time. (If your house is not within an overlay which protects traditional character then please speak with your […]

Fast-Tracking your Development Application (DA) through Brisbane RiskSMART

What is better than getting your development approval in 1 month? Getting your DA in 2 weeks (10 business days). Brisbane City Council has offered their RiskSMART fast-track program for a number of years with Urban Planners Queensland being listed as an accredited consultancy. Many years ago your application would have received a large discount […]

5 things you should know about the Development Assessment process

If this is your first time going through the development assessment process then you probably have a few questions and concerns. The process is not one that many Queenslander’s need to know much about and it is generally left to the property and development industry to guide you through. Whilst at Urban Planners Queensland we […]

Where can I build a Duplex on the Sunshine Coast?

There are a number of zones on the Sunshine Coast that can permit the construction of a dual occupancy through either accepted development (no planning approval needed), or a code assessable development application, which avoids the hassle of public notification and third party appeal rights. Each zone has its own requirements to ensure it remains […]

Brisbane Traditional Character Housing Guide Review

If you are working with traditional Queenslander home, you need to read this. Brisbane City Council  released the Traditional Housing: Alterations and Extensions Design Guide (in 2020). The guide promotes the retention of traditional character being pre-1947 houses and offers up detailed advice on how to ensure your development complements the existing streetscape.   Council […]