Brisbane Traditional Character Housing Guide Review

If you are working with traditional Queenslander home, you need to read this. Brisbane City Council  released the Traditional Housing: Alterations and Extensions Design Guide (in 2020). The guide promotes the retention of traditional character being pre-1947 houses and offers up detailed advice on how to ensure your development complements the existing streetscape.   Council […]

Can I change my property zoning?

There are many reasons why changing the zoning of your property may cross your mind. Perhaps you’re interested in doing something on your land which is in contravention to the current planning frameworks and regulations and is only permitted in a different zone. For example, you may wish to build a medium density apartment building […]

How much will it cost to subdivide land?

As a private town planning consultancy, we are often the first to be asked “Can I subdivide my property” and then “How much is it going to cost to subdivide the property”. Whilst Urban Planners Queensland can help you answer whether your site is subdividable we purposefully do not offer project management services [town planning […]

DA [Development Approval] vs BA [Building Approval]

What is the difference between a DA and a BA?   DA stands for Development Approval and BA stands for Building Approval. Just to confuse things we interchangeably also use DA to say Development Assessment or Development Application. Other key phrases similar to DA are Development Permit or Council Approval. For BA you might hear […]

Brisbane Townhouse Car Parking Requirements

Brisbane City Council has 3 different car parking rates for townhouses and apartments pending the location of the site as follows: Is your project in the ‘City Core’? Is your project in the ‘City Frame’ Is your project NOT in the ‘City Core’ or ‘City Frame’. You can identify if your project site is within […]

Locating an Indoor Sport + Recreation Use in Brisbane

Indoor sport and recreation covers a number of business types and is formally defined in the City Plan as “the use of premises for a leisure, sport or recreation activity conducted wholly or mainly indoors”. Examples include an amusement parlour, bowling alley, gymnasium, squash courts, enclosed tennis courts, or dance studio. Generally, if you are […]