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Want to meet the team? Contact Urban Planners Queensland via plan@upqld.com.au.

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Meet Jessica Reynolds, Managing Director, UP Queensland

Jessica obtained her Bachelor in Regional and Town Planning (Hons) from the University of Queensland in 2011 and worked for several Brisbane based town planning firms during and after completion of her studies.

In late 2014, she founded Urban Planners Queensland as sole director.

The company services projects throughout Queensland, assisting architects, building designers, builders, project managers, developers and their clients navigate State and Local planning legislation, and advocating for their proposals.

She founded the Creating Australia Podcast in 2018 with the final episode airing in 2021. 

We strive to give a 5 Star Service for even the smallest of projects.

We’re your go-to private town planners, with broad experience and a solutions focus.

Having a town planner like UP Queensland as part of your property development team is a smart move. Our niche skills contribute to getting your development moving with minimum delays.

We work at any point of development – from pre-purchase right through to post-DA issues and ongoing minor changes. Our clients regularly receive more value for money than they dreamed possible.

Private town planning done right.

We’re also here for homeowners who want to subdivide property, renovate and rebuild, add extensions or execute a change of use. We understand that dealing with regulations can be a barrier to progress. That’s where we can make the difference by taking care of documentation and managing the entire approvals process on your behalf.

Strong B2B Partnerships

Since 2016, we’ve been working as a team on planning jobs throughout Queensland, focused mainly on the Brisbane and South East Queensland local government areas. In that time, we’ve built solid partnerships working on small scale projects. We can:

  • Work with architects and designers, helping to get their clients’ projects underway.
  • Support corporates working through government tender processes.
  • Add value to property developers looking to increase their return on investment.

Town planning – what’s not to love?

We admit it – we’re town planning nerds. Because we’re the small project specialists, our boutique mode of operation avoids the huge subdivisions and commercial towers and concentrates on giving those smaller projects the full attention they deserve.